LiveWave TV Antenna

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

What is LiveWave Antenna?

The LiveWave Antenna is a device designed to provide you with clear television with no recurring monthly costs.  It is a small, compact circular device that plugs into a standard AC outlet. The sleek black design has a small hole on the front. This is for a cable to connect to your TV, to access the electrical wiring of your home.  Installation is quick and easy, without requiring any tools.

Unlike monthly cable packages, LiveWave doesn’t have any operating costs. After the purchase price, you’ll literally never have to pay anything again. Similarly, being plugged into your wall uses such a small amount of electricity, you also won’t notice any increase in your electricity bill. As far as design goes, it’s so small, you’ll completely forget it’s there. No more unsightly eyesores on your roof or blocky plate antennas stuck on your wall.

After purchasing the LiveWave, you simply plug it in to an AC outlet and connect the cable to the cable input on your television. Once you turn on your television, you’ll want to click to the menu and scan for new channels. This may take several minutes to half an hour. Your TV will now search for available channels using all of your home’s electrical wiring as a mega-antenna dish!

Who is LiveWave Antenna Designed For?

LiveWave Antenna was designed with efficient, thrifty people in mind. Most of us don’t want to spend our hard earned money on thousands of channels when we only watch a handful. Paying for massive cable access just doesn’t make sense for the majority of Americans.

We also don’t have time to sit around and master convoluted user manuals. We definitely don’t want to spend forever on hold with customer service troubleshooting. The simplicity of the LiveWave Antenna makes operation a breeze. With a simple plug and quick cable connect, you have access to crystal clear HD, SD, and digital channels.

This device is best for busy people and families who want to relax and watch TV, all without any hassle. It’s also a great way to discover channels you’ve never heard of before. Your new favorite show could be waiting for you just the next channel over. Take a click on the wild side and find your latest binge-watch in unexpected stations.

How Does LiveWave Antenna Work?

Relying on bulky cable boxes is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Consumers nowadays want sleek designs that won’t clash with their décor. Families don’t want to worry about young ones unplugging the cable box or pulling down an indoor plate antenna. To solve these issues, the LiveWave gets rid of the physical antenna altogether. Instead of needing an antenna placed on the wall, the LiveWave turns your whole electrical work into a massive antenna.

How do they do this?

It actually surprised us with how ingenious it is. It’s revolutionary and kind of remarkable we haven’t seen something like this on the market before.

Here’s how they do it:

Once the LiveWave is plugged into your standard AC outlet, you connect it to your TV. You do this via a cable connected to your TV’s cable input. With those two connected, you can now tap into the power of your house wiring. You now have access to a gigantic super antenna, thousands of feet long. An antenna that powerful easily converts hidden house wiring into just what you need to cut cable for good.

Sharp, clear television with great sound; that’s what your television is capable of with LiveWave Antenna. As good as this sounds, we were a bit concerned about using our home’s electric wiring; is that really safe?

We wondered if there were any dangers with plugging into our home’s wiring so we took a closer look. Turns out our fears were totally unfounded; the LiveWave is completely safe. The device doesn’t connect to any live current wiring. The design is based on military tech, making it durable and reliable. The specialty circuitry is grounded, which means there’s no risk to the user. It is actually impossible for it transmit any kind of shock to anyone. Households with curious kids can rest easy; all unplugging it would do is mess with your favorite show!